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Results of FFW AGM 21Nov18

21 November 2018

For Immediate Release


Results of FFW AGM


At Foley Family Wines Limited’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders, held in Wellington today, shareholders were asked to vote on four ordinary resolutions and one special resolution, all of which were supported by the Board.


Voting at the meeting was conducted by a show of hands and Proxy Forms were received from 80 shareholders representing 44,496,214 shares representing 84% of the ordinary shares on issue. 


All five resolutions were passed by shareholders.


Detail of the total number of votes cast in person or by a proxy holder are:






Ordinary Resolutions:




Resolution 1: “THAT the Board be authorised to determine the auditor’s fees and expenses for the 2019 financial year.”

46,517,919 shares/ 100.00%

Nil shares/ 0.00%

Nil shares/ 0.00%

Resolution 2: “TO re-elect Anthony Anselmi as a Director of Foley Family Wines Limited.”

46,517,919 shares/ 100.00%

Nil shares/ 0.00%

Nil shares/ 0.00%

Resolution 3: “TO elect Paul Brock as a Director of Foley Family Wines Limited.”

46,514,919 shares/ 99.99%

Nil shares/ Nil%

3,000 shares/ 0.01%

Resolution 4: “THAT the total amount of Directors’ fees payable annually to all Directors taken together for their services as Directors be increased by $70,000 from $170,000 to $240,000 to be distributed amongst Directors as they so determine with effect from 1st July 2018.”

11,420,016 shares/ 99.78%

25,458 shares/ 0.22%

214 shares/ 0.00%

Special Resolution:




Resolution 5: “THAT in accordance with section 32(2) of the Companies Act, and with effect from and including the date on which the Company is listed on NZX Limited’s NZX Main Board (NZX): (a) the company’s existing constitution is revoked; and (b) the proposed constitution (as presented to the Annual Meeting of Shareholders) be adopted as the constitution of the company.”

46,517,812 shares/ 100.00%

Nil shares/ 0.00%

107 shares/ 0.00%


CEO Mark Turnbull said “We are delighted that the shareholders have approved the adoption of the new Constitution that is required for the company to go to the NZX Main Board on 3 December 2018. The business continues to make great progress and we have been working towards this important day for some time. On behalf of Bill Foley, we also want to thank our shareholders for their commitment and support over the last few years.”


Authorised for public release.


For further information please contact:

Mark Turnbull

CEO, Foley Family Wines Limited

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Tel: +64 21 714 885