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Foley Family Wines (FFW) Harvest and Acquisition Announcement

2014 Harvest Report
Foley Family Wines Limited (FFW) has completed its 2014 grape harvest, crushing a total of 6,807 tonnes across its three Martinborough and Marlborough sites. This compares favourably with last year’s 5,699 tonnes, representing an increase of 19.4% overall. The volume crushed this year has resulted in all wineries being at full capacity, which will continue to have a positive influence on margin improvement. Many wineries were greatly concerned with the impact of the prolonged rain late April, however FFW managed to complete harvest on the day the weather began to deteriorate. Chief Winemaker for Marlborough, Stu Marfell, said: "our team, along with growers and contractors, did an amazing job getting the harvest completed before the adverse weather.  I'm delighted with the quality of the harvest and the wine making team is looking forward to making more world class wines this year".
Acquisition of the Lighthouse Gin brand and Intellectual Property
FFW has recently acquired from Greytown based boutique distillery, Greytown Fine Distillates Limited (GFD), 100% of the Lighthouse Gin brand and all intellectual property associated with it, including exclusive worldwide marketing and distribution rights for the brand. Lighthouse Gin is a copper batch gin distilled using New Zealand ingredients in the dry London style. Lighthouse Gin was recently awarded a gold medal on blind tastings at the acclaimed UK Spirit Masters competition. FFW has entered into an agreement for GFD to distill the gin under licence to FFW with founding distiller Neil Catherall remaining involved as a consultant. FFW has already entered into a new distribution agreement in New Zealand with EuroVintage and intends to distribute in the USA through Epic National.  FFW CEO Mark Turnbull said: "we are delighted to have Lighthouse join, it's a quality product which nicely complements our quality New Zealand wine portfolio. Our current distribution network is eager for us to start shipping immediately".
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