The New Zealand Wine Company

The New Zealand Wine Company Limited – Issue of Shares

We hereby advise the Exchange in accordance with NZAX Listing Rule 7.11.1 that The New Zealand Wine Company Limited (“NWC”) has issued securities, the details of which are as follows:
Class of Security and ISIN: Ordinary Shares ISIN NZGRME0001S1;
the number issued or acquired: 34,708,796;
the nominal value (if any) and issue or acquisition price: $1.386 per share; total consideration $48,114,541;
whether payment was in cash: Partially – cash and shares;
any amount paid up (if not in full): N/A;
the percentage of the total Class of Securities issued or acquired: 80% of issued Ordinary Shares after this share issue;
the reason for the issue or acquisition: Merger;
the specific authority for the issue or acquisition (if any): Shareholders Resolution – Resolution 2 Special Meeting of Shareholder 14 August 2012 – approved by 99.99% of shareholders;
any terms or details of the issue or acquisition (such as an escrow provision): Nil;
the total number of Securities of the Class in existence after the issue or acquisition: 43,385,995;
in the case of an acquisition of shares by an Issuer which is a company registered under the Companies Act 1993, whether those shares are to be held as Treasury Stock: N/A; and
the dates of issue or acquisition: 4 September 2012.
Authorised for public release.
For further information please contact:
Alton Jamieson
The New Zealand Wine Company Limited
PO Box 67, Renwick, Marlborough
Telephone number: 021 964 995
E Mail address:
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