The New Zealand Wine Company

Notice of Special Meeting 14 August 2012

The New Zealand Wine Company Limited (NZWC) has today mailed two documents to its shareholders, regarding the proposal to merge NZWC with Foley Family Wines NZ Limited (FFWNZ):
  • ‘Notice of Special Meeting of Shareholders’ to be held on 14 August 2012
  • Simmons Corporate Finance Limited ‘Independent Advisers Report’
There are two substantive conditions of the Merger Agreement signed by NZWC and FFWNZ on 28 June 2012 that need to be satisfied for the proposed merger to be able to proceed:
  • NZWC shareholders need to vote in favour of a number of resolutions at the 14 August 2012 Special Meeting which are needed to implement the merger; and
  • The approval of the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) to FFWNZ’s application seeking consent to the proposed merger with NZWC. The OIO’s decision may not be received prior to the Special Meeting of NZWC Shareholders on 14 August 2012. If NZWC’s shareholders approve the proposed merger before an OIO decision is received by FFWNZ, then the merger continues to be subject to that OIO condition.   
If the two Merger Agreement conditions are satisfied and the Agreement becomes unconditional then FFWNZ would, on settlement, assume a controlling interest in NZWC to the extent of 80% of the issued share capital, with existing NZWC shareholders holding the balance of 20%.
Authorised for public release.
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