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The New Zealand Wine Company sets new standard in global environmental practice

The New Zealand Wine Company, producer of Marlborough’s award-winning Grove Mill and Sanctuary wines, has taken its environmental performance to a new level after becoming the first winemaker in the world to achieve CarboNZero® certification for contributing no net carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

The certification comes after The New Zealand Wine Company set itself a new environmental challenge this year to address the impact of carbon dioxide emissions associated with its use of electricity and fossil fuels for the production and distribution of its wines.

Working in partnership with Landcare Research, which administers CarboNZero®, The New Zealand Wine Company measured its carbon dioxide emissions, committed to reductions in these and offset unavoidable emissions through the regeneration of native forests.

Rob White, CEO of The New Zealand Wine Company, says the company is extremely proud to have achieved such a significant environmental milestone.

“Over recent years The New Zealand Wine Company has continuously strived to improve its environmental performance by implementing energy and water conservation measures, and restoring wetland areas. Becoming CarboNZero® places us at the cutting edge of global sustainability and gives consumers an opportunity to choose a bottle of Grove Mill or Sanctuary wine in the knowledge that we have minimised our impacts on climate change”.

CarboNZero® certification involves three important steps: measuring, managing toward reduced emissions and finally offsetting (mitigating) the remaining unavoidable emissions. The process is independently audited to ensure its integrity.

Professor Ann Smith, Landcare Research Business and Sustainability research leader, says The New Zealand Wine Company has fulfilled CarboNZero® criteria in the production and distribution of its wine.

“The New Zealand Wine Company sets an excellent example for other producers and exporters, as it shows how putting company environmental ethics into practice can add value to a product.”

Dave Pearce, winemaker for Grove Mill and Sanctuary confirms this: “From a strictly business viewpoint achieving CarboNZero® not only focuses us on energy efficiency but also reduces the risks of non-tariff trade issues such as ‘food miles’. As producers of a land-based natural product it’s also a major step towards our goal of environmental sustainability.”

Grove Mill and Sanctuary 2006 vintage wines will now start to carry the CarboNZero® logo. The wines are available throughout New Zealand and are also widely exported.


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For further information or an interview please contact:

· Rob White, NZ Wine Company CEO, on 021 448 332, or email

· Roger Kerrison, Grove Mill Winery’s Systems Analyst, in charge of the certification process, on 03 572-8200 or email

· Dave Pearce, Grove Mill’s winemaker, on 03 572-8200 or email

· Dr Ann Smith, Landcare Research , on 03 321-9804 or e mail