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Grove Mill Winery achieves certification from Sustainable Winegrowing NZ.

Grove Mill has achieved the Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand ( SWNZ) accreditation. Grove Mill is the 11th winery in Marlborough and the 32nd nationally, to pass the SWNZ audit. The premise of sustainable winegrowing is that through a pioneering set of industry standards the New Zealand Wine industry protects the environmental integrity of its wine production.

The Grove Mill philosophy is to produce great quality wines with minimal environmental impact. This philosophy has driven much of the infrastructure development of the last ten years. Water treatment and recycling and an award winning energy efficient winery are just two of the many areas that reflect their sustainability philosophy.

” It is good practice to keep up with industry standards but our aim is to keep ahead of what is being done elsewhere. The SWNZ sustainable practices are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we want to achieve and are currently investigating. The bigger picture captures food miles, CO2 emissions, HACCAP plans, marc removal etc.” says Grove Mill Winemaker Dave Pearce.

The SWNZ standards set protocols for winery and vineyard practices. Part of these standards involves measuring resource use. Adhering to these standards combined with infrastructure changes and staff training had a huge impact on resource use during the 05 vintage in both the vineyards and the winery.

In the winery over half a million less litres of water was used in the 05 vintage versus the 04 vintage even though the 04 vintage was bigger. This had flow on effects with power savings from both water pumps and water treatment.

The Grove Mill marc removal project we believe is adding benefit by removing a waste issue. By spreading marc thinly and evenly over the whole vineyard row we are achieving an improvement in physical soil structure and measured organic matter.
We are testing for Nitrogen levels and at this stage have seen no large increases in Nitrogen levels due to the application of marc. We believe the Nitrogen in the marc is not readily soluble and what is there gets metabolized by the soil bacteria and volatilized into the atmosphere, so has a minimal impact on leaching. We are continuing to test the soil for Nitrogen and Potassium levels.” Says Doug Holmes, Grove Mill’s viticulturist.

“I have been saying all along that our philosophy of sustainability will save us money but up until now we have never really quantified it. These savings prove the worth of following sustainable practices.” said Dave Pearce.

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